Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rafting the Nile

Back in the fall when I visited Uganda, a big part of the trip was getting to raft the Nile.  The rafting company took pictures as we made it down the river, but not unexpectedly, the process of getting the CD of the pictures to me in Brazzaville took until a few weeks ago.  

These first and last few shots of where we put in and got off the river are by me, but all of the rafting ones are obviously by the rafting company. 



You could also bungee jump, but alas, we didn't have enough time to squeeze that in.



The four rafters on the right were the rest of my group: Sharon and Lambert - two friends from Rwanda, Michelle - an Australian friend who was living in Burundi, and Sentell - a good friend of one of my housemates who was visiting from DC.


All of these next pictures are of our raft.  At the end of the post there are a handful of the other boats in our group eating it pretty hard.




  The power and massiveness of the river were obviously something to behold.

Lunch break.






And here are some of the other rafts that went down with us and their wild rides.











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