Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HOPE Congo's First Loans

On May 10th, HOPE Congo finally gave out its first set of microfinance loans to two community banks (EBEN EZER and Bonne Semence).  Each group has 25 members, and each member received a 250,000 CFA loan ($500).  

The leadership of each group comes to our offices to receive the money, so that our Loan Officers don't have to handle cash.
The first group disbursal of the day was with EBEN EZER.  They meet outside of a church near the largest market in Brazzaville,where many of the clients have their businesses.

The HOPE Congo staff reviewed the regulations and terms a final time and answered any remaining questions.
Our loan officers will oversee the disbursal and repayment meetings, but they will be conducted by the group's elected leadership.

The second group is called Bonne Semence and meets in a church located in the middle of local market.


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