Sunday, January 17, 2010

HOPE in Haiti

HOPE has had an active organization in Haiti since 2005.  We have received confirmation that all of HOPE’s staff members are safe, but we have not yet been able to contact all of our clients.  Additionally, many of HOPE’s staff members are still awaiting news of their own families’ survival.  The HOPE Haiti Relief and Development Fund has been created in response to the tragedy.  Click here to make a donation and read the updates from the  HOPE personnel on the ground.

Here is the rundown on HOPE's response:
The HOPE Haiti Relief and Development Fund reflects HOPE International’s two-tiered commitment to the earthquake that has devastated Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas of Haiti. HOPE is seeking to raise funds that will be put to use first to meet the urgent needs of Haiti’s population and later to help the people of Haiti rebuild their lives.  

HOPE’s relief efforts are being coordinated through a network of sister organizations with over two decades’ experience in Port-au-Prince.  We will bring emergency supplies such as bottled water, food, personal care and hygiene items, first aid kits, and medication across the border from the Dominican Republic to Haiti.  This localized approach will ensure that goods arrive quickly, without the delays of container shipments and customs processing.  

As urgent needs begin to subside, HOPE will evaluate Haiti’s mid- to long-range needs and determine the appropriate response mechanisms to move from relief to development and dependency to self-sufficiency.  Please join with us now to help the people of Haiti.   

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